ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, August 1, 2015 – Brown & Joseph, Ltd., an international commercial credit and collection agency announces that it has hired Dave Robbins as Vice President, Business Development to assist in securing its position in the commercial insurance recovery space by adding one of the most sought after veterans in the industry.  “We were extremely pleased a year ago when Laurie Rogals, Senior Manager of Commercial Insurance Debt Management joined our team.  Reuniting Dave and Laurie, who have worked together for years, is one of the most exciting developments to have happened in our industry in a long time.  The addition of Dave simply brings another layer and level of expertise that further secures our agenda of dominating our industry by providing the best services available to our clients” Says Chris Cappuccill, CEO of Brown & Joseph, Ltd..   

Dave Robbins brings more than 25 years of accounts receivable management results, primarily to the insurance industry, to Brown & Joseph, Ltd..  Robbins previously worked for Dun & Bradstreet, Receivable Management Services, and most recently with iQor in overseeing the Insurance Recovery Department.

In his current role, Dave will work closely with sales and operations to expand Brown and Joseph’s qualitative value proposition for new and existing customers.

Brown and Joseph’s 3-Phase Approach for Commercial Debt Recovery enables their customers to achieve the highest net back in the shortest period of time while minimizing litigation costs. Their commitment to their customers, their extensive training curriculum and their teamwork towards meeting the business objectives of their customers are a few of the reasons I am excited to be a part of the team at Brown & Joseph.” Robbins commented.

Dave brings a long history of success to the Insurance Industry from his prior work experiences. Our vision remains to being a household name for the accounts receivable industry by providing innovative up to date accounts receivable collections and credit risk assessment processes to our customers. As our Insurance business expands, adding Dave to the team is yet another step in the process towards building and aligning our team in support of this vision.” said Chris Cappuccilli, CEO of Brown & Joseph, Ltd.

Dave Robbins holds a Finance and Economics degree from Eastern Illinois University. Dave, his wife Alyson and their son Al live in West Chicago. Family activities include golfing, fishing, and taking in a Chicago Cubs baseball game.

Winners and Rankings Announced in 2014 Best Places to Work in Collections

     It is Brown & Joseph’s goal to continuously deliver exemplary service to all of our clients. Over the years we have fine-tuned our collection process to guarantee our company is second to none. This could not be achieved without a devoted staff, who constantly live the mission and vision Brown & Joseph established. Brown & Joseph knows how important it is to ensure our employees feel appreciated and see their value in the company. As such, Brown & Joseph participates in the Annual Best Places to Work in Collections survey. All participating companies undergo a rigorous evaluation process, ensuring that the winning companies are truly succeeding in their efforts to provide a challenging, satisfying, and motivating work environment for their employees. After months of review, InsiderArm has posted the rankings. Brown & Joseph is pleased to announce we placed 4th overall in the mid-sized companies category for the Best Places to Work in Collections 2014! This award can be directly attributed to our loyal employees who spoke so highly of the company.

Employee Appreciation day at Great America

We were about to close the books on a very productive July, when Chris and Kevin decided to plan an event the company would not soon forget. Brown & Joseph has always gone above and beyond in rewarding hard work and dedication, and this wouldn’t be any different. After much thought, August 13th was deemed “Brown & Joseph Employee Appreciation Day” and the entire company was invited to an all-expense paid trip to Six Flags Great America.

The day started with a buffet-style breakfast catered by the restaurant in our building. The cafeteria was a sea of Brown & Joseph employees in their company polo’s. You could hear people planning their day; which rides they wanted to go on, if they wanted to go to the waterpark, or simply walk around and enjoy the beautiful day. It was truly a sight to see all the employees bonding and building comradery. As a surprise and a way to kick off the festivities, each employee was given a Six Flags sports bottle that came with unlimited refills throughout the park. Additionally, everyone received a ticket for one of many prizes to be raffled off at lunch.

Then the time came to wrap up and hit the road. Every employee had the option of either driving separately or riding on a bus that the company rented for the day, another thoughtful idea. We arrived prior to the park opening and you could see that everyone was eager to get in. Finally the gates opened and people were rushing to get in line for their favorite ride.

At 11:30 employees were asked to meet in the picnic grove for lunch and games. Kevin and Chris had rented a putt-putt game and a toss-across tic-tac-toe where employees could win stuffed animals. A few employees really shined and started winning prizes for everyone, while others made a bee line for the buffet. After things settled down, it was time to start the raffle. All the managers were called to the front to help draw names. Again, Brown & Joseph spared no expense when it came to the employees. The raffle prizes included 2 Samsung Galaxy cameras, 2 iPod Touches and 2 iPod Nanos (complete with $25 iTunes cards), 2 Samsung Galaxy tablets, 2 sets of Bose earbuds and one-time Flash Passes. Needless to say the staff was on the edge of their seats for the drawing. Every name drawn was met with cheers and clapping, we were all just happy to be there.

After lunch, everyone went off to enjoy the rest of the day. Some people left at 4pm on the bus back to work, while others stayed till the park closed. Everyone made the most of this experience and appreciated the careful planning and thought that went into making this a day to remember.

Insurance Collection Executives

Insurance Collection Executives


Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is a vendor partner of the Insurance Collection Executives (ICE). We’ve exhibited at their conferences, conducted webinars and since 2009, supported ICE’s billing and collection education programs with incentive award. The program provides professional development to collection and receivable management employees.

About ICE
ICE is a non-profit mutual benefit association with a targeted membership of insurance industry executives. Incorporated in 2005, ICE has 61 Insurance carrier, agent and broker members. In addition to the education program, member benefits include: an annual conference, industry benchmarking, an ongoing webinar series, a quarterly newsletter and a member forum.

ICE Mission Statement
To provide a forum that allows a diverse group of insurance collection professionals to share ideas, new technologies, innovative processes, and common challenges under the umbrella of ICE-afforded antitrust protection.

ICE Value Statements
  • Provide an opportunity for personal development and improved performance
  • Improve industry awareness through enhanced networking partnerships with other carriers and service partners
  • Strengthen the opportunity to introduce industry-wide change
  • Realize educational opportunities for member companies
  • Offer an unparalleled annual conference experience
  • Capitalize on the professionalism, personal integrity, diversity and dedication of our membership

For additional information regarding ICE, visit their website at:

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February 27, 2014

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