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Deregulated Utilities - Accounts Receivable Collection

Deregulated Electricity Providers Also Now Have a Choice

The same deregulated electric providers offering homes and businesses a choice when it comes to who will service their electricity needs, have had to build many of their cutting edge offerings on legacy systems and services designed decades ago.  The same applies for the collections approach employed by so many collection agencies servicing the deregulated electric industry.  The shear volume of accounts turned over to agencies has led to more and more companies relying on increased automation to reduce costs and inefficiencies.  Unfortunately, many have gone too far and removed too much of the human element in the process.  Subsequently, recovery percentages have slid to all time lows.  At Brown & Joseph, we believe there is an ideal debt collection "balance" that can be reached. 

Live Collectors Based in American Call Centers 

Intelligent processes, strategic dialer use, and pre-scoring accounts are all tools we use to make sure our live collectors are speaking with as many targeted accounts as possible.  Employing the best in technology AND personnel, Brown & Joseph believes live agent intervention is the key to performance upwards of 10% above industry standards.   A pause, click, or recording is all the time needed to hang up the phone.  With multiple U.S. based call centers, we are able to score and assign accounts accordingly.  We are then assured we have the best tool for the job.  A courteous approach where needed and a firm approach when our intelligent credit scoring results dictate. 

An Experienced Deregulated Utilities Collection Agency Partner               

With a national client base and the ability to quickly scale up or down for any size program, Brown & Joseph has the solutions needed to be your expert partner at collecting debt.  Whether the need is B2B debt collections or a consumer debt collections approach, we provide you with options.  Our current deregulated utility clients utilize their partnership with Brown & Joseph for first party collections, supplemental call center collections, and feedback based on both consumer reporting as well as commercial credit reports.  Utilizing credit risk assessment reports from day one that provide factual debtor payment trends, we can ensure every contact can be custom made to maximize recovery.  Once we have information back from our credit assessment, we can then determine the best course of action.  With existing systems in place, a project can begin as quickly as needed and without the long term commitment required by other agencies.

Is There Lost Revenue in Your Aged Receivables?

If so, where did your efforts fall short?  Whether your debt collection challenges are centered on new programs or making existing programs more efficient, Brown & Joseph can provide you with options.  For many, the first step is a review of your older receivables.  A credit review and analysis of your older charged off receivables may help you better understand where your processes can be improved.  Call today and let us perform a complimentary review of accounts long thought dead.  There is no obligation and any following steps are completely up to you.  Contact us today.

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