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Commercial Cable Collection

Professional commercial cable collections that result in higher returns on cable collection accounts

Historically, technology and cost have stood in the way of breaking out residential and commercial cable accounts for collections.  Legacy billing systems made it costly and time consuming to allow for separate and focused collection approaches.  Now that the technology has caught up, why are so many cable and phone providers still using consumer agencies to collect both residential and commercial cable collection accounts? 

Commercial Cable Collections is Defined by What it is Not

The commercial collections approach is not a dialer driven endeavor.  At Brown & Joseph, we use technology to increase our effectiveness.  Live collectors dialing the phone equates to increased contact percentages right out of the gate.  There are no pauses or clicks to drive away an otherwise live contact.   Commercial cable collections specialists are not limited to letters and calls. When accounts are submitted, business credit bureaus are pulled and assets reviewed to determine the best course of action.  High priority accounts are identified and expedited accordingly.  

Cable Collection Services

Business Services Accounts: A Small but Important Piece

Typically making up no more than 10% of an entire customer portfolio, when it comes to business account handling, cable providers have had to make their decisions based on the sheer numbers involved.  However, if you’re simply looking at a numbers game, the case can be made that commercial collection accounts are a critical piece to increasing collection numbers overall.  If you have two agencies working equal portfolios, one with a 5% higher success rate will likely garner more of your business.  At Brown & Joseph, our specialization on commercial cable accounts should lead to increased returns at least 10% over a consumer agency working commercial accounts alongside residential files.  Even when dealing with a smaller subset of the entire business, the numbers themselves start to make a case for a focused approach. 

Start Small or Start Old?

If your business services sales force is currently supplementing your collection efforts on delinquent commercial cable customers, then a closer look at Brown & Joseph is a must!  Speak with someone on our team about how easily we can setup a test scenario on a select batch or aged portfolio.  Our rates are in line with your current consumer agency, but our results may just lead to the percentages that make the big difference in the end.  Contact us today to discuss a complimentary scoring performed on your commercial cable collection portfolio.

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