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Original Articles

Accounts Receivable Management Leadership

Kevin Walsh


Mr. Walsh joined Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  as President in 1997 bringing with him 18 years of experience and leadership in the commercial debt collection industry, specifically in training and development, information management and analysis, finance and credit risk assessment in both public and privately held companies. Kevin holds a BSA in Finance and Accounting from Purdue University.

Chris Cappuccilli

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Cappuccilli played a key role in the founding of Brown & Joseph, Ltd. in 1996.  Chris Cappuccilli, having worked in Business Development for several commercial debt recovery agencies, consistently received requests for help from his clients that were outside of the normal company service offerings. Having the solutions but denied the opportunity to respond, Chris Cappuccilli quickly assembled a group of Subject Matter Experts with extensive expertise in Finance, Credit and Collections, Quality Process Control, IT and specific trade experience in Advertising, Transportation, Insurance, Staffing, and Manufacturing and Brown & Joseph, Ltd. was founded.

Today, Chris Cappuccilli is nationally recognized as the leader in the areas of credit risk assessment, commercial collections and international debt recovery. In 2010 the United States Department of Treasury invited Chris Cappuccilli to speak in Washington at the Government Management Financial Conference and assist in developing strategy for global debt bad debt recovery.  

Asif Munir

Chief Operating Officer

Asif Munir joined Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  in 2003. Asif was initially recruited to develop a Management Information Process for the executive management team that would facilitate implementation of best practices and controlled growth in operations. Asif’s accomplishments emphasize over 10 years of experience in the areas of operational management and over 9 years of experience in accounts receivable management. His knowledge in implementation of process control, technology and automation in various aspects of accounts receivable management business aided Mr. Munir to quickly ascend to Chief Operating Officer for the Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  Companies USA and Asia Divisions. As a global company with a diverse & growing group of employees, Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  is very proud to have Asif as one of the members of their executive management team.

Dennis Falletti

Executive Vice President, Insurance Division

Mr. Falletti’s experience spans over 28 years as a sales and marketing executive in the Accounts Receivable Management industry. His resume includes roles as an independent consultant and a sales and operations management professional working with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500’s. Mr. Falletti has in-depth knowledge of receivable bad debt purchasing, commercial debt recovery, credit risk assessment and the outsourcing of accounts receivables management. In addition to his present duties, Mr. Falletti was elected to the Gerson Lehrman Group’s National Advisory Council’s top 20 advisory groups as an independent consultant. The Gerson Lehrman Group Council is a global network of professionals who deliver expertise and decision-making assistance to global businesses.

Recently he received the award from A.M. Best as an insurance industry recommended expert service provider for the recovery of delinquent insurance receivables.

Jessica Schneider, CCCO


Jessica Schneider has over 8 years of experience in client services and 4 years of experience as a compliance officer for Brown & Joseph, Ltd. She is a certified credit and collections compliance officer through ACA International. Jessica graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BSB in finance and is planning on continuing her education to procure a master's degree in business administration or finance. She began her career with Brown & Joseph, Ltd. 6 years ago. In recognizing that client satisfaction is our number one priority, Jessica has successfully guided production and streamlined operations by helping to match clients' needs and expectations with company goals. In addition, she has attended various ACA International Seminars along with Credit and Collection Workshops in an effort to establish a practical compliance program for Brown & Joseph, placing strong focus on compliance with outside regulatory requirements as well as internal policies. While still maintaining her Compliance Officer role, Jessica has recently been promoted to Comptroller at Brown & Joseph in which she will play a key role in overseeing financial analysis and reporting procedures/methodologies for the Company.

Stacy Affatigato 

Litigation Manager

Stacy Affatigato has over 5 years of experience in legal debt recovery and litigation, including a background in servicing U.S. and International litigation. Stacy has worked with Brown & Joseph, Ltd.  for over 3 years managing the International litigation team, improving efficiencies and increasing department productivity. She provides education to the departments including sales, client services and works closely with clients regarding reducing frivolous and costly litigation while increasing client net-back through productive litigation. She maintains communication compliance by  keeping clients updated as the CLLA certified attorneys work the cases.