Commercial Collections For A New Economy

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Since the beginning of accounts receivable collection, conventional collection agencies have approached collections in the same manner. Collection agencies send letters and make phone calls, and most have no understanding of the debtor's ability to pay. So when collection actions fail, these collection agencies will forward the cases to an outside attorney with the intent to file suit, which results in increased contingency fees and the addition of court costs.

In 1996, Brown & Joseph realized the economic environment was changing and debtors had become more informed about circumventing the collection and legal process. With change, a new approach to accounts receivable recovery was needed. Industry experts were sought out, employed and given the task to create a new and innovative approach that included credit and asset investigations being performed on files prior to any calls being made.  The value of understanding a debtor's ability to pay, or not to pay, makes all the difference when you are collecting money. 

This approach would provide solutions to the age old methods employed by collection agencies.

Today, the results of their expertise and initiative is Brown & Joseph, Ltd.’s new debt recovery process that blends credit risk assessment, industry segmentation, cutting edge technology and commercial collection experience, all of which creates higher recovery percentages and reduced litigation costs for our clients.

Specializing in commercial collections, Brown & Joseph, Ltd. is a leading commercial debt collection agency.

To learn more about our innovative process, talk with us today.

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There is nothing to lose, only money to recover.

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